Yum Plugins: Verifying packages and configurations with Yum Verify

While taking a Red Hat Training course the instructor showed us a Yum plugin called verify. I've never used any of the Yum plugins before and after a while of playing with Yum Verify, I have decided that I should share this very cool plugin and introduce others to Yum plugins. What are Yum Plugins Yum plugins are packages that can be installed to provide extra functionality to the Yellowdog Update Manager or yum.

Creating a local Yum Repository

When it comes to package management on Red Hat based systems Yum (Yellowdog Updater, Modified) is my preferred method. It's a quick and easy way of installing desired rpm's and their dependencies as Yum will automatically resolve dependencies before installation. Most Red Hat base distributions include a public facing Yum repository that you can configure yum to use in order to save from having to maintain a local copy of every package on each system.

Advanced Linux System Statistics and Diagnostics with SystemTap

In one of the first posts of this blog I covered some basic SystemTap functionality from an email that I sent to members of my team, but I have always felt that I haven't given SystemTap as thorough of an article as this incredible tool deserves. Today I want to correct that. For today's article I will show how to compile SystemTap scripts on one server while running the compiled module on a production server without installing debug-info or devel packages in production.

Finding what installed a binary with YUM and RPM

Ever find yourself wondering what package installed a binary on your Red Hat or Red Hat like distro's? Well you can find that out pretty easily using yum or rpm. [[email protected] ~]# yum whatprovides /usr/bin/ssh Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit Adding en_US to language list openssh-clients-5.5p1-21.fc14.2.i686 : An open source SSH client applications Repo : fedora Matched from: Filename : /usr/bin/ssh openssh-clients-5.5p1-24.fc14.2.i686 : An open source SSH client applications Repo : updates Matched from: Filename : /usr/bin/ssh openssh-clients-5.

Yum: Search and Install

Yum is one of the easiest methods of installing packages on Red Hat and its variants. Here is a quick example of how to search and install a package. We will be installing irssi today. To search a package you simply use the search command. [[email protected] ~]# yum search irssi Matched: irssi irssi-devel.i686 : Development package for irssi irssi-otr.i686 : Off-The-Record messaging plugin for irssi irssi-xmpp.i686 : XMPP plugin into irssi irssi.