Websphere MQ Cheat Sheet for System Administrators

IBM's Websphere MQ is a middle-ware application that allows two applications to pass messages back and forth without having to integrate with each-other directly. Websphere MQ is a fairly popular application in the enterprise especially for those running many java based programs. Today's article is a copy of my personal Websphere MQ cheat sheet. This cheat sheet is geared more from a System Administrators prospective and doesn't touch much on creating or altering queues or channels, but should provide a good head start for those who need to just get something restarted.

Websphere MQ: saveqmgr

If you need to export the Queue Manager configuration of MQ to a file you can do it via the saveqmgr utility. Syntax: [email protected] :$ ./saveqmgr.linux -m <QMGR> -f /path/to/file.out You can obtain this utility via IBM's website: [](