Benjamin Cane

Principal Engineer focused on building mission-critical infrastructure and software platforms. Platforms purpose-built for performance and resiliency.

About Me

Having started my career as a Systems Administrator, I spent the majority of my time building hosting platforms. These hosting platforms were purpose-built for high availability, scale, and low latency. Over the years, I've stepped further into the software engineering space.

Today, my passion is building end to end distributed systems. I enjoy designing the software, infrastructure, and all the glue in the middle.

Primary Skills




Distributed Systems Architecture

High Availability


Featured Articles



Automatron is an Open Source project of mine written in Python. It is a framework for creating self-healing infrastructure. It allows users to define health checks (Nagios compatible) that are run against a host. When these health checks fail, Automatron will perform actions to correct the issue.



MockItOut is a simple to use HTTP stub server. With a small YAML configuration you can quickly create test end-points for HTTP APIs. Unlike other mock servers this project is language agnostic and easy to setup.



A Go package for creating temporary x509 test certificates. There are many Certificate generation tools out there, but most focus on being a CLI tool. This package is focused on providing helper functions for creating Certificates. These helper functions can be used as part of Go tests per the example below.



Tasks is an easy to use in-process scheduler for recurring tasks in Go. Tasks is focused on high frequency tasks that run quick, and often. The goal of Tasks is to support concurrent running tasks at scale without scheduler induced jitter.


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