Benjamin Cane

Distributed Systems and Software Engineering


name: Benjamin Cane
role: Principal Engineer
company: American Express
area_of_focus: Payment Network
thoughts_and_opinions: My own
description: |
  I use my Systems and Software Engineering skills to build mission critical platforms. Platforms specializing in performance, resiliency, and scale.
  - Go
  - Python
  - Docker
  - Linux
  - Distributed Systems Architecture
  - High Availability
  - Ethical Hacker
  - Red Hat Certified Engineer v6


After writing Go applications for both Open Source and Enterprise use. I have learned a few things about how to effectively structure Go packages. How to make them easier to test, easier to share and more importantly, production ready.



This book will teach you Linux basics and how to troubleshoot & resolve issues with Linux. Many readers, use this book to prepare for Red Hat Certification Exams.